Moving with Children

Monday Jan 30th, 2017


So, everything is finally settled. You have chosen the new home, and have made the down payment. Now you are ready to move into your new home and here comes the most difficult part – planning the move and telling your kids. Moving to the new home can be a challenging experience for you, but it is even more challenging for your family. It doesn’t matter if you are moving to another country or just around the block, children and teenagers usually don’t like the very idea of relocation. They will have to adapt to the new environment, new home itself, new school and new neighbors.

Typically, relocation requires a lot of effort and preparations. Moving to another place always means that you have to leave something behind. It can be memories or people, the ambiance of nature or the noise of a big city, loved ones or friends.

Emotions can differ depending on the age and personality, but it’s essential to communicate with your family, providing support if needed.

Make a family meeting and start a discussion about the relocation. Moving process can affect kids, especially younger ones, who may perceive the change of place as a stress. You should show your children that you are very excited about it and moving to another place is not a bad thing. Tell them why you should move and how it will influence their life. Ask them how they feel about the move and support them in expressing their concerns. Leaving their family home can be stressful. Discuss your first-move experience with them. Make sure they know you'll their help during the whole procedure. Show them pictures of their new home and neighborhood, describe the advantages of it. Get each family member involved in packing their own belongings. Letting your children make their own, even small, decisions can help them feel important and significant.

It is a great time for the kids to go through all the stuff in your old home. Ask the kids to help you sort all the things, room by room, to determine what should be taken with you and what can be thrown away. Furthermore, you can arrange a yard sale to sell the good stuff you can't take. A good idea to make a going away party for your kids and their friends.

Let your children make future room plans, so they can be interested in the process. They can help decorate not only their room, but all the house. If your kids are teenagers, they can work with their rooms on their own. It would be a rather useful experience.

When you arrive at your new home, you have to wait until your possessions are shipped. The waiting time can be used to explore the place and meet new neighbors. After your belongings arrive, you are able to get back to the family life. Start with the children’s rooms so they would be busy. Filling the rooms with familiar stuff would make kids feel more comfortable in the new home.

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