Video: Reasons Why People Choose to Move

Thursday Oct 06th, 2022


Reasons Why People Choose to Move

The average amount of time a homeowner stays in a house is ten years. Here are some reasons why people might choose to move.

One of the most common reasons is a job transfer that makes it necessary to move closer to a new place of employment.

Relationship changes are also often a motivating factor… like a marriage, divorce, or desire to move in with a significant other. Others move simply to be closer to friends and relatives.

Some people choose to downsize and move to a smaller home because they just don’t need as much space as they once did, while others desire a bigger or grander home.

When people reach retirement age, some choose to move to an active-adult community, while others have physical hardships that make it difficult to continue living in their current home.

Personal finances also play a large role. Some people have no choice but to move in order to reduce their expenses, while others want to take advantage of the appreciation in their home and simply want to cash in on their equity.

The bottom line? People have many reasons for moving and they act on them with regularity.

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