A Dream of a Home

Monday Jan 30th, 2017


Everyone has a dream home. What are your dream home features? Have you thought about what it would be like to have a personal bar or training room in your home? What about a beautiful library with high bookshelves and a quiet fireplace?

Ready-for-living homes are great investments, and for some people, these homes satisfy the dream of home ownership. But creating a custom home, personalized to your specifications is a whole new level of home ownership. Imagine coming home after a hard day and playing pool or relaxing in the sauna. Create a personal cinema, bowling alley or gym. Do whatever you want – it is the reason to call it a dream home.

Constructing a custom home comes with its share of responsibility. It is possible to make your dream home a reality by working through several steps of the custom home building process.

When you buy a home which is already built, there’s the price and you base your offer on that price. A custom home is a different case. Some builders use a price model where a price is set in advance. A contractor can easily take advantage of this model by using cheaper construction materials to increase profits. A cost-plus price model is based on what it costs the contractor to build your home. There’s freedom in making changes, but costs can add up fast. The best situation would be looking for a company which is transparent all the way through the project, so you can choose different options it’s done.

Custom homes are financed through construction loans. Owning a piece of territory before you start your dream home journey can make the process easier. If you don’t own land, then another loan with a second closing date would have to be done. If you don’t own land, a realtor can greatly help. It’s extremely vital that your custom home’s design and land plan match. The land should be able to house the plans you have in mind.

When you have the ideas about your dream home and now it’s time to talk to the building companies. You need to look for a company that can provide you more than you wanted for less than what you imagined it would cost you. It is also better to work with people who are totally transparent about where your money is going. If you already own the land, request the potential builder to walk it with you to get an idea of initial costs and utility work that is needed.

With a complex plan and a crew of builders that work with you every step of the way, you can create your dream home. You can start by choosing the district you want to live in and the land you want to buy.

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