A Good Air Conditioner for Your Home

Wednesday Mar 15th, 2017


In summer the weather can be really hot and this often makes people feel bad and get tired or sleepy easily. A good air conditioner (AC) can save the day and keep you and your family cool during even the hottest times.

Install a good weather-stripping around your window and door frames. Without it, the conditioned air will get out. And this will result in more energy consumption for your AC.

It is very important to choose the right air conditioner. The cooling capacity and the size of the AC unit must correspond with the area of your home. When the unit is too small, it has to be turned on almost all the time to keep the house cool. When it is too big it freezes the whole house in a couple of minutes and then it has to turn off, but after five more minutes the temperature rises again and the air conditioner has to turn on again...

You should also remember about the energy efficiency of the AC unit you want to buy. There are several energy efficiency ratings that can help you understand which unit suits your house the best. Today, almost all the air conditioning units have an adjustable thermostat for the user to set the temperature.

Price is another significant factor to consider when you are planning to buy an AC. The higher the ratings of the AC model, the higher is the price.

Look only for the AC units that can provide your home with the air of the good quality. AC with a good filter can improve the air quality in your home, while a unit with a poor filter can get it worse.

There are three major types of AC units: window units, freestanding portable units and built-in units.

Photo: depositphotos. Window air conditioning

Window unit air conditioners are quite popular today. They are not too expensive and easy to install. Some models can also double as a heater.

You can install a window unit in a single-hung or double-hung window. The accordion panels are usually required for the unit to fit properly.

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Freestanding portable AC units are also very popular. Their main advantage is that they can be moved easily inside (and outside) the house. They usually should be installed with a window venting kit, so a window is also needed for this kind of units to work. Compared with the window units, freestanding AC can occupy a small part of the window. Usually, the portable units have reservoirs that need to be emptied several times a month, but some models also come with an extra hookups for the drainage hose.

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Built-in air conditioners can be expensive and require professional installation. Moreover, you have to make a hole in the wall to do it properly. Once installed, built-in units could not be moved to another room. It's a permanent solution which can provide not only cold air, but also a hot one.

Don't forget about your air conditioner's maintenance even if you don't use it too often. The lack of maintenance can result in a range of problems not only with the conditioner, but also with your health


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