Assembling a Toolbox For Your Home

Wednesday Feb 01st, 2017


Your home is not an unbreakable system. Very often since your first day in a new home, you may experience small accidents. Your kids are able to break almost everything there is in the house and your pet can chew and crush the rest of it. Many systems of your home require maintenance and sometimes you have to do things as quickly as possible. Every homeowner has to deal with the new-manifesting problems. One of the first things you need to get into your new home is a tool kit. A set of solid essential tools can save you time and money.

Photo: depositphotos. Toolbox

Start with the toolbox. It will help you organize your tools. Without a decent toolbox your tools may end up scattered everywhere and lost. You don't need to buy the biggest and the most expensive one, just remember that the box should be convenient and functional.

Photo: depositphotos. Woodworker hammer

So, you have the toolbox. It's time to pick up the tools. One of the most important of them is a hammer. Since the Stone Age, when it was invented, the hammer has not undergone major changes. The design was improved and some new functions were added, but it is still the same old good hammer our ancestors used to crush stones and build primitive dwellings.

Crowbar is a well-known tool, thanks to the Half-Life and Gordon Freeman. If you have nails, sooner or later you are going to need to pull them out. This is the fact. So, it's better to buy a crowbar than remove nails with other tools. By the way, you are definitely going to need nails. They can be used to hang a photo on the wall, or to fix a hole in the wooden floor. Another must-have for hanging pictures is a level.

A flashlight provides light. Literally. When you need to illuminate something or when there is a problem on the power line, flashlight is your best choice.

Ladder will help you reach high spots in your home without risk. The rope can be used to adjust things to one another or tie something (or someone).

A screwdriver is a viable tool to have in your home and it's better to buy a set of different screwdrivers. X-shaped and flat-headed are the most common ones, but today you can find screwdrivers of different shape.

Photo: depositphotos. Set of different used pliers

Pliers are extremely useful for holding small objects. A good set of pliers includes long-nose pliers, combination pliers, and locking pliers to cover all your needs.

A good utility knife serves a lot of functions from opening bags and boxes to cutting away carpet edges. There is a saying "measure twice, cut once". So, before cutting something you should measure it. A tape measure is designed specifically for that.

Several adjustable wrenches in different sizes are very helpful when it comes to repair and assembly. A pipe wrench is irreplaceable tool to work with pipes and rounded surfaces.

The two very important tools are a saw and an electric drill. The saw cuts through wood, plastic and even metal and the drill makes holes. A power drill can be used to turn the screws. A good idea is to have a pencil, a tube of glue, some duct tape and WD-40 (or other penetrating oil) in your toolbox.

While working on the repairs, don't forget about safety. Safety glasses and a dust mask will protect you from the dangers of repairs.

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