Can a Home be Smarter than its Owner?

Friday Feb 03rd, 2017


Smart home was a dream of the Golden Age of Science Fiction. A home that does all the housework on it's own — what can be better than that? Thanks to the modern technologies we can now face this vision of the future.

Smart home is a home equipped with special devices and appliances that allow the residents to control all the home systems remotely via PC or a smartphone. Systems of the smart home can be programmed to perform specific actions independently. Temperature control, switching the lights on and off, security system, kettle, robot vacuum cleaner and more - everything can be customized and optimized for the needs of the home owner.

If you want your home to become a smart one, you need to know more about modern smart homes and their features.

Photo: depositphotos. Robotic vacuum cleaner on wood parquet floor

Vacuuming your home is not always a pleasure. No doubt, there are people who enjoy listening to the music while vacuuming, but in general it isn't the best pastime for you. Robot vacuum cleaner was designed to help you keep your floors clean without great efforts. The technology of the robot vacuum cleaner allows it to detect obstacles and navigate in your home. It can automatically empty its dust bin. There are different modes for cleaning different types of floors. You can set any program and the robot would carry on with its duties.

Do you think that waking up early in the morning feels like a torture? There are many types of smart alarms. Some of them wake you up with light or sound, others require to perform certain actions. Smart alarms are even able to choose the best time to wake you up.

The smart heating system allows you to set the most comfortable temperature. Sensors monitor the temperature around the house and activate the heating system at a time when it is really necessary. In addition to heating, there are a smart weather stations (climate control systems) and smart air purifiers. They allow you to control the humidity and pollution of the air. This is the perfect solution if you suffer from an allergy.

Photo: depositphotos. Smart home security app

Smart security systems ensure the safety of your possessions while you are away and smart fire alarms or smoke detectors prevent fire. These systems can call the police or the fire department. The web cameras and motion sensors let you monitor the safety of the house on your own.

Smart lighting does not require switches. It can be controlled remotely via smartphone application. Now you won't forget to turn off the lights. Smart faucet can help you save water. Smart kettle can provide you with hot tea or coffee when you need it. Smart electricity switches allow you to enable and disable specific devices via the Internet. They do not require any special installation - just plug them into the regular outlet. A smart refrigerator can order food when it runs out. Smart openers for the home and garage doors can save you the trouble of dealing with locks.

The development in science and technology makes our life an easier thing. Engineers and designers are still improving smart devices, so we can be sure that our homes are going to be even more automated in the future. The most important thing is only for the good prophecies of science fiction writers to come true.

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