Child-Proofing and Pet-Proofing your Home

Monday Jan 30th, 2017


Your home is your castle, yet it can be not safe for your children and pets. The number of children and pets injured by hazards in and around the home increases each year.

When you expect a baby or want to bring home a pet, make sure your home is a safe for them. The processes of preparing your home for a baby and for a pet are similar, so there are some general ideas you can follow to make your home a foolproof place.

Children are often passionate about the fire. Pets can chew the wires and cause short circuits. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are extremely useful in maintaining safety and protecting your home and its inhabitants. The wires must be covered or placed so that no one can get tangled. Don't forget to keep these devices in a working condition and change batteries. Outlet covers and outlet plates will help protect kids from possible electrocution.

Young children are not afraid of heights but they like to explore. Window guards and safety netting will protect children from falling from the windows. Cats are known for sticking their heads into the window openings. Window openings must be limited so no head can get in the gap. Cordless window coverings are better for homes with children, because window covering cords can wrap around children's necks.

Children and pets always taste whatever they can find. It would be smart to move all the medications, cleaners, chemicals, and laundry supplies to high shelves or behind secure doors. The same goes to all the sharp objects and tools, which must be placed under lock and key.

Kids have a lot of energy and they like running, so they run all the time. Special corner bumpers can prevent injuries caused by falls. Pets often find it interesting to rummage through the trash, so it’s better to keep trashcans closed. All your clothes and shoes should be kept behind closed doors. Plants must be moved far from edges so they would not fall on someone’s head. Safety gates help in preventing falls down stairs and in keeping children and pets from entering rooms with potential danger. If you have a pool, it's wise to use a pool barrier to surround the pool with a fence. Pool alarm can provide extra protection.

Your child or pet can fit into the places where vacuum cleaner doesn't fit, so check those places for dangerous stuff. The ventilation system is a thing which can attract children, cats and birds, so they must be covered with lattices.

All the standing stuff is in danger of falling down when you have children or pets The worst part of this is not that is can crush, but that it can hurt children and pets. All the heavy furniture must be anchored to the floor or walls.

To understand all the potential dangers of your home for a child or pet you should see from their perspective. It includes getting down on the floor and seeing how everything looks from this point of view. Notice all the stuff within reach and what your child or pet might get into? Child-proofing and pet-proofing your home is not an easy thing, but with some common sense and effort, you can ensure a harmless future for its dwellers.

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