Container Gardening: It's Time to Go Green

Tuesday Mar 21st, 2017


Container gardening is becoming more popular nowadays. Many people, who want to have a “green corner” in their home, grow plants in containers. Green plants produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, so this is a great opportunity not only to decorate your home, but also to improve the condition of the air. In addition, green color is good for the nervous system and has a calming effect.

Photo: depositphotos. View of the many pots with seedlings.

How to start a сontainer garden? First, you need to find a place where you want it to be. It can be a porch, a backyard or a table in the living room. You even can hang the pots on a wall. Once the place is chosen, it's time to go with the containers. Large pots and boxes are suitable for the backyard and the “table garden” requires small pots. It's better to choose the kind of containers that fits your interior or exterior. Plan carefully where to put the containers and how much space they can occupy.

When you finish selecting the containers and the place for them, it's time to look for the plants. There is a multitude of options. There are sun plants and shade plants, flowering plants and non-flowering plants, bright and dull, troublesome and unpretentious, large and small. What to chose depends on your desire and experience of gardening. In local stores, shop assistants are happy to help everyone who wants to buy a plant.

Photo: depositphotos. Container gardening

In addition to the pot and the plant, you need soil. Without soil, plants can only be grown hydroponically, but this technology is not so great for a small garden. You can also put fertilizers to the soil to help the plants grow faster and healthier. Some plants require specific types of soil and fertilizers, others can grow almost everywhere. Soil and fertilizers can be found in local stores.

After planting and placing is complete, do not forget to take care of your plants. The necessary procedures are regular watering and inspection. It is important to monitor the state of your plants since there are many diseases and pests that can harm your garden. In addition, plants sometimes require fertilizing, pruning and removing yellowed leaves.

Photo: depositphotos. Container garden vegetables plants in pot.

Managing a beautiful and healthy garden is a great pleasure. This is a hobby that allows you to enjoy the result of your efforts. After gaining some experience, you can even start growing vegetables and fruits in your container garden.

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