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Wednesday Mar 29th, 2017


      For some people, a garage is just a place where they put their car for the night. However, for many of us, a garage is a warehouse for not-too-much-needed things. All the stuff people don't use, but still don't want to throw away or the things they use once a year is stored in the garage. So, the garage often turns into a dump and you have to spend hours to find whatever you need. Cluttered garages are often infested with rats, mice and other pests.

Photo: depositphotos. Messy abandoned garage full of stuff

     To avoid problems with your garage, you should keep it in order. The process of turning a “dump” into a convenient garage is hard and sometimes long, but the final result really worth the effort.

     It's better to begin with a cleanup. Sort out what you should store, what you really need and use, and what you should get rid of. Sometimes people find valuable things that accidentally got lost into the piles of garage trash for years. Start a garage sale if you feel bad for throwing away the "good" stuff. There is always someone who wants to buy your old "dog statuette" or "almost new drill". You can use a variety of Internet services to sell your things or even to give it for free.

Photo: depositphotos. Two car garage interior

     After the cleaning and sorting is finished, it's time to start improving the garage interior. The style of the interior depends on your taste, but the light colors and good lighting will make the garage look bigger and cleaner. If you have a concrete garage floor, clean it and paint it. This will make the cleaning easier and protect the floor from mildew.

     Arrange some storage places in your garage to put all your things there. Use diverse ways to organize the storage space: ceiling shelves, wall shelves, cabinets, pegboard walls, hooks, ringlets, slatwall panels. You can store small things in a variety of jars and boxes and other containers.

Photo: depositphotos. Garage Srorage

     Find a decent workbench or a table in the local store and place it in the garage. A workbench is useful not only when you want to make something by hand, but also for the sudden repairs of housewares. In addition, a workbench can become a place for creative activity and hobby.

     Insulate your garage. This will allow you to work there even in winter, despite the cold weather. Install a garage ventilation system. It is very useful if you cut or grind something in the garage. A well-organized and clean garage is a place where you can store your tools and other things. It prevents you from losing them, provides you with a place for the repairs and other work.

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