How to Get your Home Ready for the Summer

Tuesday Apr 11th, 2017


When the winter season ends and the cold weather is gone until fall, it is time to get ready for summer and the hot weather. Your home also needs preparations for the heat. Many appliances, devices and systems at your home require cleaning or repairing.

Photo: depositphotos. Air conditioner filter

One of the most important things to take care about is the air conditioning system. Inspect your air conditioning unit, perform a test run, check the refrigerant level and replace the air filters to prevent overloading. To ensure that your AC does not work for nothing, check the door and window insulation. If the insulation is insufficient, hot air from the outside gets inside your home. This makes the air conditioner work in vain, “cooling the neighbourhood”.

Photo: depositphotos. Short circuit, burnt cable

In summer, due to the high temperatures and to the use of cooling appliances, the electric system is often overloaded. While you connect all the power-consuming stuff, do not forget to inspect the wiring. Warming of the wire or the socket or the plug is a bad sign. This means there is a poor connection somewhere and a short circuit can occur. It is very important to react quickly to this problem. The best way to do this is to call the specialist to examine the issue.

Summer time can also be dangerous for your refrigerator. Get rid of the dust in the condenser coils, check the door gasket and replace it if necessary. Poor insulation can cause the refrigerator to overload. Clean all the filters and fans in your home, not only those in the refrigerator and air conditioning unit. Without maintenance, they consume more energy in order to stay cool and function properly.

Photo: depositphotos. Damaged Roof Shingles Repair

When the work with electricity and appliances is done, it's time to deal with the roof and the drainage system. Often, the homeowner gets to know that there is a leak in the roof only during the rainy season. The water leaks can spoil the interior, the furniture and even the household appliances, they can cause a short circuit and start a fire. Repair the leaky areas of the roof to prevent this kind of situation. Cleaning the gutters can also prevent the water from collecting on your roof. Regular rain pipes and drainage system inspection helps you avoid flooding in your backyard. Summer is also a “pool season” and the pool is used a lot this time of year. Remember to clean it and monitor the water quality.

Mid-spring is the time when various pests wake up from hibernation and start attacking your home. Pest control procedures should begin in the spring and end in the fall.

In addition, summer is a great time to repair the pavement. During the cold season, concrete driveways, walkways, and patios may crack and begin to wrack. The warm and dry summer weather is good for the work with the concrete.

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