How to Keep Your Home Safe While You are Away

Wednesday Mar 01st, 2017


When you are going on vacation or at any other time of your absence you leave your home in danger. It can be robbed, a fire can happen or there can be a natural disaster. It is important to take a range of measures that can protect your home and let you not to worry about its safety during your trip.

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It's important for you to be reached easily in case of an emergency. If you are going away for a long period of time, find someone who can keep an eye on your home. It would be a good idea for that someone to live in your home and protect it “from inside”. Moreover, you can let your home and it'll get you some money.

During your absence your property shouldn't look abandoned. Make sure that the person who looks after your home is able to visit it regularly, can turn the lights on in the evening and off in the morning, clean your driveway and mow the lawn. Ask the post office to hold the mail deliveries. Don't forget to put your newspaper delivery on hold for the time you leave too. Check your locks several times before your trip. Make sure all the doors and windows are in good condition and secure.

Check pipes, showers, toilets and refrigerators before you leave. Don't store any perishable items in your kitchen as they may go bad. It's better to give that stuff to a neighbour or friends.

If you use gas stoves, boilers or other equipment, try to protect your home from gas leaks for the time of your absence. Call a specialist, so that he can tighten all the valves and check your home for gas leaks with special equipment.

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Make sure the smoke detectors and fire alarms work properly. Check the security system and all the intruder alarm sensors. Inform your security company that you will be away.

Don't talk too much about your absence (both offline and online): the wrong people can hear or read that information. Also, try not to take photos of any boarding documents and publish it online.

Install a surveillance system for your home. It will always allow you to keep tabs on your home via the Internet, even if you are on the other side of the world.

If you have pets, make sure they will be also looked after. You can take pets with you, leave them in a special animal hotel or ask your friends or relatives to look after the pets.

These tips will help you protect your home for the time you are away. However, no one and nothing can guarantee a 100% safety of your property, even by taking all possible measures.

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