Mortgage: a Wise Choice to Make

Monday Jan 30th, 2017


After years of hard work and renting, you finally decided to buy your own place. It's a significant step in your life. You saved enough money for a proper down payment, looked though the real estate market and found a nice place. You think it is the time to make an offer, but there is still much work to do. Seems strange, but many people spend more time researching their new smart phone than their mortgage. Let's go through several tips that can help you with your future mortgage.

  • Don't count on the rates posted online. These rates are likely high, loaded with caveats and restrictions.

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  • Check your credit score. It’s a factor of utter importance in defining your mortgage amount. If the credit score is good, bank sees you as a good customer. If it is not very good, talk over the actions to improve the score.

  • Do a research. Look through the information on the interest rate and mortgage options, discuss the options with the bank representatives. Try to figure out what the ideal mortgage is for you. You can use online services to calculate the best mortgage.

  • Develop a strategy. An experienced mortgage broker can help. Learn more about the mortgage basics, research the available terms.

  • First-time buyers are valuable. The mortgage market is saturated with agents, but not with clients. Use this fact to your advantage.

  • Talk to as many mortgage specialists as possible. The offer of the bank cannot be the best suitable option for you. A good agent has a variety of options.

  • Don’t make the interest rates your primary goal. Paying too much attention to the percentage is the common mistake for the first-time buyers. The interest rate is only one feature of many.

  • The terms can be more than five years. The 5-year mortgage is extremely popular, but it is not the only period available. The longer the term, the higher the interest rate, and the terms exist for up to 25 years.

  • Avoid prodigal purchases and sudden job changes. Don’t rush out and buy cars and boats before you buy a home. It will affect the sum you can qualify for. Multiple job changes will also raise questions.

  • Don't take the entire amount of the loan offered by your lender. A lender doesn’t care about all your financial goals and obligations. Your mortgage is not the only thing you will spend the money for.

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Mortgage is a crucial element in measuring your financial value and literacy. If chosen properly, it can save your time and money. Follow these simple tips and start your mortgage research today.

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