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Friday Mar 31st, 2017


Interior design is important for your home. If the design is wrong, the interior looks bad and it's uncomfortable to stay inside. One of the most important things in interior design is the wall decoration. The walls make a significant part of the home space and the way they look affects the overall impression more than furniture and decorations. If you want to change the home interior, you need to start with painting and decorating the walls.

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Start with preparing the room and cleaning the walls. Move all the furniture and other stuff as far away from the wall as possible and cover it. Get rid of the old wallpaper if you have it. You can also remove the old paint if you want to, but this process can be boring and tiring. It's better to use tools and special liquid agents for the old wallpaper or paint to come off easily. Get the nails and screws out and clean the walls with a damp cloth. Repair the damaged areas of the wall. After dealing with the old wall covering, it's time to start working with a new one. Use the tape to cover the areas you don't need to paint.

The most important tool here is the brush. You should get at least two brushes: a good quality, medium-sized angle brush and a roller brush. The first one will help you with hard-to-reach places and the second one is your primary tool. Try not to buy cheap brushes, as they are more likely to lose bristles in the process. You also need a paint tray. Painting without it will be a mistake.

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When the tools are ready, it's time to choose and buy the paint. There are several important points here. First, the paint should be of the color you want it to be. You can find the samples of the paint in any local store and shop-assistants can help you make your choice. Professionals often use primer before painting. It allows the paint to stick better to the wall. Second, avoid buying a cheap paint. It can be of low quality and even dangerous. Try to choose the paint produced by the well-known companies as they monitor the quality. Internet reviews can also be helpful.

Photo: depositphotos. Painted walls and roller.

It is important to set a good lighting for the room you are going to paint. A bright lightning will help you see all the poorly painted sections of the wall. In addition, you need a ladder and an extension pole for the roller brush to reach the high areas. Do not forget to buy a paint remover and find rags to wipe your hands. Put a piece of cardboard or rubber under the can, so the paint wouldn't be all over the floor.

In addition, after the application of a primer or white paint, you can make an art wall. Draw anything you want on your wall. Invite your friends to help you, and let the collective imagination work! Draw the sketch with a pencil, and start coloring it. Picture your favorite characters, places, dragons or even stars and outer space!


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