Pests: Small Enemies of Your Home

Sunday Mar 26th, 2017


It doesn't matter how well you maintain your home, there is always a chance for the pests to appear in it. These little abominations do their best to constantly come at your home and get on your nerves. They leave behind dirt, they spoil your things, eat your food, even ruin your home appliances. How can you get rid of them?

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There are several ways to deal with the pests. The easiest way is to use chemicals. You can buy many different sprays, repellents, powders, gels and other means for repelling or destroying the pests. The main issue here is that chemicals can be dangerous to people, pets or the environment. Even the safest chemicals require careful use and following the instructions.

Different reasons lead to the pest infestation. If you find the reason why this type of pests appeared in your home it can help you in your little war. One of the most common things that make pests live in a home is a mess. How to avoid it? The important point is to maintain the order. Keep the house clean: wash or vacuum the floor and wipe the dust at list once a week, clean the bathroom and toilet regularly. Place all the food to the sealed containers or any other places inaccessible for pests. Dispose the garbage every day and try to not place the trash containers near your home. Storing dirty dishes is a bad idea, wash them immediately after you eat.

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Do not keep piles of old newspapers and magazines, some bugs feed on paper. Many pests, like roaches for example, need water and live in the wet places. Therefore, it is important to keep the home dry: to wipe the water around the kitchen sink and in the shower and to eliminate all the leaks.

Watch for the holes in your home because the pests use them to get inside. Seal all the cracks in the walls, doors, roof and windows as quickly as possible. Remember to close the windows and doors tightly. Install mosquito nets for each window and door.

Know your enemy. Find information about the pests specific for your area and how to resist them. The most common types of pests are: ants, termites, mice, rats, spiders, mites, bugs, cockroaches, birds, wasps, fleas, lice, flies, mosquitoes, moths and tics.

Photo: depositphotos. Cockroach

Pests cannot only spoil your day, but turn whole life into a nightmare. The right measures let you prevent pests from getting into your home and help you dispose of those already got there. Maintaining order and using chemicals allows you to deal with almost any pest. Still, in serious situations it is better to call the professionals. Search the Internet for the local pest control services and read some reviews.

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