Pickering City Centre Condo

Pickering City Centre Condo

Monday Jul 17th, 2023



Pickering City Centre CondoPickering, the eastern gateway city to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), is embarking on an urban rejuvenation journey, with the redevelopment of its urban core taking center stage. Among the various initiatives, the redevelopment of Pickering City Centre stands out as a promising endeavor that holds the potential for a prosperous future.

Pickering City Centre is a massive 55-acre pre-construction master-planned community located in Pickering. This ambitious project aims to transform Pickering's downtown into a cohesive and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood, seamlessly blending municipal infrastructure, retail services, and residential intensification. By bringing together the efforts of both the private and public sectors, this initiative aspires to establish downtown Pickering as a vibrant destination, not only for its residents but also for visitors from across the city and beyond.

At the heart of this colossal undertaking is the creation of the "Grand Esplanade." This impressive development will span from the Pickering Civic Centre to the eastern section of the Pickering Town Centre, encompassing the area immediately south of the Esplanade South. The boundaries of this project are defined by Liverpool Road, Highway 401, Glenanna Road, and Kingston Road.

Overall, the redevelopment of Pickering City Centre is set to revitalize the urban landscape and shape a promising future for this eastern gateway city to the GTA. By merging various elements of urban life, this project aims to create a thriving community that will undoubtedly put downtown Pickering on the map as an attractive and dynamic destination for residents and visitors alike.


Project information


LocationPickering – 1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON, L1V 1B8

Number of Floors: 55, 53, 50, 50, 50, 48, 48, 45, 42, & 15 storeys

Pros and Amenities


The Pickering City Centre Redevelopment project is set to bring forth an impressive array of over 10 new mixed-use condominium developments. This ambitious undertaking will feature thoughtfully designed buildings ranging from 55 to 9 storeys in height. These buildings will serve various purposes, including residential condos, rental units, commercial retail spaces, amenities for seniors and youth, gyms, theatres, art galleries, libraries, and expansive parklands.

Upon completion, the redevelopment aims to introduce over 5,000 new units to the area. These units will encompass a diverse range of options, from residential spaces to retail and commercial establishments, while also providing affordable housing solutions. The project promises to revolutionize the landscape, fostering a dynamic and vibrant community that caters to residents' needs and cultivates a thriving environment for all.

Future residents will have convenient access to a 700,000-square-foot shopping centre, 130,000 square feet of office space, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre spanning 20,000 square feet. The development complex will also feature a planned hotel, an arts centre, and an outdoor ice rink. Furthermore, emphasis will be placed on local accessibility by constructing a network of pedestrian-friendly walkways along the south Esplanade, ensuring the area remains a bustling downtown core and a central gathering place for shoppers and workers.

Recognized provincially as an Urban Growth Centre and Mobility Hub, Pickering's city centre is an ideal location for residential intensification. With its transportation and retail hub status, the downtown area is well-equipped to cater to the needs of a new community. Residents will have easy access to a wide range of services, all within a short walking distance.


WHY Pickering City Centre Condo?


Pickering City Centre CondoThe future condos at Pickering City Centre will offer residents convenient access to the Pickering Town Centre (PTC), a bustling shopping mall with over 200 stores, including popular retailers like Winners/Homesense, Saks OFF 5th, H&M, and the Hudson's Bay. Other nearby retail options include Canadian Tire, Walmart, Home Depot, as well as grocery stores like Loblaws and Pacific Fresh Food Market. Additionally, essential municipal services such as the Pickering Civic Centre and the city's central library are located nearby.

Families living in this community will benefit from the proximity of educational facilities such as Glengrove Public School, Vaughan Willard Public School, and Bayview Heights Public School. Centennial College also has a campus located at the southern end of the mall, just a 7-minute walk away.

The location boasts a high Walk Score of 89, indicating that most daily errands can be accomplished on foot. Residents will find a wide range of restaurants, bars, pubs, liquor stores, coffee shops, banks, and pharmacies within close proximity.

For transportation, the Pickering GO Train Station is only a 12-minute walk away, providing convenient access to the Lakeshore East line and enabling residents to reach downtown Toronto in under an hour by train. A new pedestrian bridge, costing $23 million, has been constructed, connecting the Pickering Town Centre directly to the train station, crossing 14 lanes of traffic on Highway 401 and six railway tracks. The Pickering Parkway Terminal, located at the southern end of the PTC, serves Durham Region Transit bus routes, and there are local bus stops throughout the neighborhood.

Motorists will find the area highly convenient for driving, with easy access to Highway 401 in 5 minutes and Highway 407 in 14 minutes. Under optimal conditions, downtown Toronto can be reached in just over 30 minutes by car.

The development of downtown Pickering, along with the planned initiatives, demonstrates the city's commitment to sustained prosperity. The city aims to double its population within the next 20 years, supported by initiatives such as the Grand Esplanade, Durham Live, and the Seaton sustainable urban community. These developments are expected to create around 40,000 new jobs by 2040, solidifying Pickering's position as the second-largest job market in Durham Region.

Despite the ongoing changes, Pickering remains dedicated to its citizens, offering a pedestrian-friendly environment, a vibrant meeting place, and a place to call home.

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