Pre-sale Improvements: Unnecessary Upgrades

Monday Jan 30th, 2017


If you decided to sell your home there are some things you must remember. First and primary, the home should be tidy, clean, repaired and look good. Often, major renovations are not essential, and they cost more than can be recouped in the sales price.

It’s better to spend a part of the cost of renovation and get a far larger impact. Give the house a careful cleaning, a fresh coat of paint on your walls and replace exhausted floors or work surfaces.

While beautiful interlocking or stamped concrete will attract more people to your home, that doesn’t translate into the buyer paying for it. A lot of the value of the item is intrinsic; you enjoy having use of it, and that has non-monetary value. When selling, interlock is definitely going to hit a buyer’s approval list, but they won’t pay a lot of extra money because you have it. For curb appeal, focus on looking well-maintained. If you have a wood deck, make sure it looks freshly stained and in good condition. Replace boards that look worn out.

Buyers don’t like over customized closets that store loads of stuff, but they won’t pay for it. If you have a storage issue, the best thing you can do is get all the extra stuff out of your house by storing it elsewhere, giving it for charity, or selling it. If you still have a lot of stuff with no designated “home”, buy some attractive storage units that will hide it all, and the units can come with you.

If the basement is not finished yet, don’t start now. A good renovation will cost you an arm and a leg, and you’d be lucky to get back your money. So is it really worth the pressure and frustration? The only exception to this is if all of your neighbors do have a finished basement or it is an expectation of the neighborhood. Then it’s worth a discussion with your realtor to decide the best course of action in your particular situation.

Don’t add on! To do it properly, your costs will far exceed your returns. If you already have a questionable addition, sometimes it’s recommended to remove it. You need permits and the whole process can be long and costly.

Make a major renovation to the kitchen and bathroom. Paint the cabinets if they are looking old, and replace the doors if they are broken. Replacing counters and floors will ensure your kitchen looks well maintained.

Try to avoid doing too much. Too many sellers either renovate everything or don’t want to make any improvements at all. Unless you have excellent condition and modern color woodwork or cabinets, paint them all white. No buyer will ever want to revive the original wood color, and they will be more thankful that they have wood cabinets or trim in a modern, fresh color. Blend all of your woodwork together as part of the architecture of the home and create a unified look.

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