Remodeling the Attic

Friday Apr 07th, 2017


The attic is a space under the roof. The roof forms the two attic walls, and the gables form the other two. Many houses have an attic. However, not all the homeowners are lucky to have a house with a renovated attic. The attic often serves only as a storage for the old things and forgotten memories. Children are afraid of the attic and tell stories about the ghosts and monsters that “live” there.

Photo: depositphotos. Old attic of a house

In fact, the only ghost that “lives” in the attic is the ghost of abandonment. If you're sick of your attic being a warehouse and that the area of the attic is wasted for nothing, then it's time to start renovation.

You can turn your attic into a bedroom. The absence of the large windows and a certain "coziness" of the attic allow you to enjoy a healthy sleep even in the daytime. When the weather is bad, the raindrops on the roof add a special charming ambiance.

Photo: depositphotos. Bright attic bedroom in the appartment

The attic can be remodelled into a nice children's room. We often see this in the movies and cartoons. Children love hidden places, where they are alone and where they can hide their secrets from the grown-ups. The playroom allows your kids and their friends to get together and you always know where your children are.

Home cinema is also a pretty good idea for the attic especially if the attic is dark. The downside of this idea is that a loud sound can disturb those who are below. You also can make the attic into a second living room or an “entertainment room”. Put there a TV and a game console for teens or a refrigerator, a bar counter and a billiard table for adults.

Photo: depositphotos. Empty new room

If your attic has large windows in the roof, or the whole gable is made of glass and the sunlight illuminates the area, this is perfect spot for a small greenhouse. A sufficient amount of light allows the plants to grow healthy and green and your place will be filled with oxygen.

The final decision on remodelling the attic depends your ideas, but there are several important things to remember. First, make a good insulation. Thermal insulation in case of cold weather, moisture insulation in case of heavy rains and noise insulation for the attic to be a quiet place. The noise insulation of the floor of the attic is also very important. You don't want the rooms below to be constantly filled with noise. Second, provide air conditioning. Install the air conditioning unit, a fan or a fully open windows. The third point, do not forget about controlling the height of your attic. Try to make it at least 10 cm above the head of the tallest person who lives in your home to avoid injuries.

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