Video: Should the Seller Be Present at Showings?

Friday Sep 11th, 2020


Should the Seller Be Present at Showings?

Is it a good idea for you to be present at your home’s open house or during showings? The simple answer… no, it is not.

Buyers touring a home should be made to feel as comfortable as possible, and when the seller is present the buyer may feel like an intruder. Buyers should feel that they can freely look around, open cabinets, closets or even make comments about the property… positive or negative.

If the seller is present, buyers often become uncomfortable and feel that they can’t speak freely. Sellers also sometimes say things that give buyers the wrong impression, and if a buyer thinks the seller is desperate to sell, lower offers may result.

If for some good reason you absolutely can’t leave your home during an open house or showing, try to stay outside or be as inconspicuous as possible… and never follow buyers from room to room.

After the showing or open house, your Realtor will review any feedback with you and share any comments buyers made. Even negative comments from buyers can be helpful as they often point to things to change to make future showings more productive.

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