Small Space Solutions

Sunday Jan 08th, 2017


Downsized housing is becoming more and more popular among Canada’s young buyers — an unavoidable development in a financial climate defined by static income growth and rising costs. Small condominium units are practically suitable for the taste of the millennial generation which usually spends more time outside the home. The emergence of small condos is a market response to the needs of young Canadians. This is the way to deliver efficient spaces at an affordable price.

Small-space living can be a financial choice, but it's also a way of life. The important question is how you can make a pocket-size home comfortable and stylish? When you move to a small home, the trick is to design the interior so it can work the best possible way to function like larger spaces. In a small space, clutter can make your home feel even smaller than it already is. Manage the stuff the way it would not occupy too much space and try to keep things organized. Set up in your home a system where everything has a place. For small spaces the advantage of the double duty furniture is obvious. Use the all the free space wisely, not just on the floor. Put some shelves or cabinets on the walls or pull the hammock under the ceiling. Today you can find all the kinds of multifunctional household appliances which are specified for small-space homes.

The coloring is a powerful tool for design. Gather some information about the color properties of each specific color and how it would affect the visual impression of your home. The light colors provide the feeling of large space, and the dark colors will dim your room and make it seem like a cave. Don’t choose dark furniture for small spaces as it is appropriate only for the large rooms. Apply the electric lights (or even smart ones) and buy large mirrors to make your home brighter. Keep the place clean. Dirt ruins the comfort of any home, especially the small one.

Spend more time out of your home. Visit the great places of the city mentioning urban parks, libraries, coffee shops or any other place where you feel relaxed. Party with your friends and go to the movies, visit your relatives or start volunteering. The way of living in small-space inspires you to have an active social life.

People face some challenging moments living in a small space, but it can be comfortable and cozy. The right decoration and suitable furniture bring pleasant mood into your home. Use all the possible ideas to make your tiny home feel large. 



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