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Monday Jan 30th, 2017


Do you want your home to be an eye-catcher? Do you want your guests to wonder and envy when it comes to the interior design? The interior design of your home is a reflection of your life. There are several things that elegantly decorated rooms have in common - they generally have a unified color palette, they are tidy and uncluttered.

When it comes to hanging curtains or assembly of furniture, most of us just eyeball it. But there are specific measurements and instruments for decorating that make a room look better.

Find the focal point of your room. The focal point is the thing your eyes are drawn to when you enter the room. Everything around the focal point attracts the sight of the guest.

Place a noticeable artwork, mirror or piece of furniture in the front and the centre of the interior. It is the spot that immediately attracts attention. All the other objects in the room should blend around it.

Follow the rules of odd numbers. The idea of this rule is that items that are grouped in odd numbers are more interesting, memorable, and effective than even-numbered objects.

People don’t focus on something that is not seen at first sight. Find a good position for the magazines and newspapers, place the multitude of the stuff in the bathroom on the shelf, and sort the mail that comes into the house every day. Use baskets or creative storage boxes to their best advantage in these cases. Hide the wires of the electronics and keep the photos and interesting things on shelves and walls. Don’t overburden your walls, too many decorations are distracting and can spoil the elegance.

Choose no more than three neutral colors for the walls. For the furnishings, accessories, drapes and decorations stick to matching colors that are a few shades lighter. It keeps the look solid and avoids being harsh.

Give the furniture “a breathing room”. Try to group all your chairs and tables not too close to each other. If the room is overloaded with furniture it looks like a junk yard.

Lighting is an extremely important element that creates a calming mood. The optimal solution is a natural light going from a clean window. A dimmer switch is also suitable for the main lighting in the room. Floor and table lamps provide accent lighting and present the rest of the room in an ambient glow.

Sometimes, less is more. In design, the negative space is the part of the home that is not taken up by anything. Generally, this is the white area on your walls. Sometimes, the negative space speaks for itself.

Remember to keep your home clean. Put away the clutter, wash the tables and the picture frames, vacuum the carpet and make the floors sparkle as regularly as you possibly can. A clean and organized room gives the pleasure of visiting.

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