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Friday Mar 03rd, 2017


Maintaining your yard can be a challenge. A lawn requires constant mowing, the pool needs cleaning, and the sidewalk should be cleaned and repaired. If you have trees and bushes in the yard, then pruning is required to keep them in a good state. Add the leaf-raking and the snow cleaning to the list.

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Your pool needs care all the year round, even in winter and even if you don't use it much. There is still some maintenance to do. Regular cleaning can help you avoid cloudy water and algae growth. Use chemicals to ensure that the algae and other microorganisms won't spawn in your pool. The trick is to keep the proper balance of the chemicals in the pool. To monitor the proportions of chemicals, use special testing strips. After they are dipped into the water, they change their color. Following the instructions for the testing strips, you can understand what are the pH balance and chlorine levels in your pool. It's better to test the water every day to make sure it is safe for you.

If the PH level is too high or the chlorine level is low, you can add chemicals to keep the balance of the water. There is a specific role for each chemical in making the water safe. The best time to add chemicals is early morning or late night. After you add the chemicals, you should wait at least one hour before going to swim. It is recommended to do a quick clean every day and a deep clean four times a month. During the daily clean you must remove all the debris using a skimmer net. Installing a pump and a vacuum can save you a lot of time. Once a week use a brush to clean any dirt off the walls of the pool. Visit local pool supply stores to test your water. They can also provide you with special tips on keeping the water in your pool clean and safe. Another thing that requires care is your lawn. Start with a soil test. If the soil is good, the grass is green and the trees and bushes are healthy. A soil test lets you find out the composition of your yards's soil and ways to improve its condition. Soil tests can be bought at the local home improvement stores.

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Try to get to know all the plants that grow on your property. Look through the Internet or consult specialists. Different plants require different care. Aeration is a very important action to take for the soil to get oxygen. It helps the plants grow faster and healthier. Don't forget to seed and fertilize your lawn regularly. The fertilizers should be placed by using spreaders at least a couple of times a year. This helps improve the look of the lawn. The new seeds provide new plants to replace the wilted ones. Use the sprinkler system to facilitate the watering. If you don't have it, installing a good one can be a good idea, especially for the hot summer months.

Shrubs and bushes require continuous work. Trim bushes regularly to keep their shape. All the necessary tools can be found in a local store, and assistants can advise you to use the right fertilizer for your shrubs.

Taking care of the sidewalk means keeping it clean and repairing it in time. If the track is paved with stone or tiles, they get loose or broken and require replacement. In winter, the sidewalks need to be cleaned of snow. It has to be done not only to keep your way clear, but also to protect from cracks. During the thaw the water seeps into small cracks and got frozen, destroying the stone.

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