Video: Things That Turn off Potential Buyers

Monday Sep 07th, 2020


Things That Turn off Potential Buyers

When you’re living in your home it is easy to overlook certain things because you see them every day, but when you’re getting ready to sell your home, its important to look at things through the eyes of potential buyers and to make sure you’ve addressed anything that might turn them off. Here are some of the most common things that make buyers eliminate a home…

  • Odors from food, pets and smoking.
  • Bright or weird colored walls.
  • Messy bathrooms.
  • Dimly lit rooms.
  • Outdated appliances.
  • Dirty dishes or cluttered kitchen counter tops.
  • Old wallpaper.
  • Bugs or evidence of rodents.
  • A damp basement.
  • An unkept yard or untrimmed shrubs.
  • Sellers that hang around during showings.

Ready, willing and able buyers are sometimes hard to find, so the last thing you want to have happen when a buyer finds your home is for them be scared away by something that should have been addressed beforehand.

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