Video: Checklist for Your Final Walkthrough

Monday Oct 05th, 2020


Checklist for Your Final Walkthrough

One of the last things you’ll do as a buyer prior to closing will be a final walkthrough of the property. The purpose of the walkthrough is to confirm that the house is in the same condition it was the last time you saw it. Here are some things to check on:

  • Turn all the light fixtures on and off.
  • Turn the heating and air conditioning systems on and off.
  • Check all major appliances to make sure they are working.
  • Turn on water faucets and check for any leaks.
  • Flush the toilets.
  • Test the garbage disposal and any exhaust fans.
  • Test the garage doors and openers.
  • Make sure all windows and doors are in working order.
  • Check that any items you purchased along with the house are still there.
  • Make sure all agreed-upon repairs have been made.

If you notice any issues, inform your REALTOR immediately so that any deficiencies can be corrected prior to the closing.

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