Video: Dealing with Multiple Offers as a Seller

Wednesday Nov 04th, 2020


Dealing with Multiple Offers as a Seller

As a seller, having multiple offers can be a great thing, but dealing with multiple offers could be overwhelming.

As a seller, if you receive multiple offers, you can approach a REALTOR to guide you through the process, explaining your options, reviewing and comparing the offers with you.

While considering price as the most important factor, you need to consider some other factors:

  • How much money will the buyer pay to confirm a contract?
  • Has the buyer been pre-approved for a mortgage in writing from their lender?
  • Is an offer subject to the sale of another property?
  • Is the buyer asking for any additional concessions from you?
  • What closing dates or buyer occupancy requirements are being requested?

After considering these factors and reviewing the offers, you can now make your own decisions.

You can ask for the highest and best offer while leaving others on hold.

An experienced REALTOR can assist you during the Process, but you have the final say.

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