Video: Sell Vacant or Occupied?

Friday Oct 16th, 2020


Will a home sell faster and for a better price if it is vacant or occupied?

The general consensus is that occupied homes sell faster than vacant homes. 

Buyers have a harder time visualizing themselves living in an empty home. 

Vacant homes can appear cold and uninviting. Empty rooms seem smaller. Any flaws become more obvious.

 One of the best ways to counteract these negatives is to stage the vacant home with furniture… even a small amount will help.

Staging typically results in buyers spending more time at showings – and it makes them feel more comfortable as they look around.

 Buyers often smell a bargain when viewing a vacant house because they sense they’re dealing with a highly motivated seller who might be willing to accept a lower price.

The bottom line? An occupied home will typically sell faster and for a higher price than a vacant house. 

But, if you have no choice and must sell a vacant home, talk to your REALTOR for tips and ideas on how to properly stage the home for a successful sale.

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