Video: Signs Your Home Is Overpriced

Monday Sep 07th, 2020


Signs Your Home Is Overpriced

Pricing your home correctly can be an overwhelming process, but it is also one of the most important steps in ensuring the successful sale of your home.

Because an overpriced home has fewer chances of making a sale!

Here are a few telling signs to know if your home is priced incorrectly.

  • Few offering and even fewer showings
  • Loads of showings but no buying offers
  • Poor feedback from brokers and prospects
  • Higher property price when compared to other properties in the area 
  • Similar homes in the area making frequent sales but not yours
  • Little interest from buyers in attending your open house 
  • Multiple lowball offers

Keep in mind that your needs don’t determine the selling price of your home, but the buying capacity of your buyer.

So sit down with your realtor in case of 30-60 days of inactivity and reconsider your asking price for best results.

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