Video: Things To Do After Selling Your Home

Friday Dec 25th, 2020


Things To Do After Selling Your Home

So you have sold your home and closed the deal successfully… Now what?

Contact your utility service providers to discontinue your existing services or relocate to your new location.

Change your address at the post office to forward all mails to your new address before the move.

Contact your insurance agent to terminate homeowner coverage on the home you've just sold as of the date you vacate the premises.

Keep a copy of all closing documents.

Keep a record for any home improvements you’ve made and their costs. This information will come handy while filling your next tax return.

Thoroughly clean your house, remove all your belongings, & turn over the keys to the buyer on the day you vacate the premises.

Most importantly, if your closing experience was a good one, send a "Thank You" note to both the realtor and the lender.

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