Video: Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Friday Mar 05th, 2021


Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

Thinking about paying your mortgage early?

Paying your mortgage ahead of time can help you make some great savings.

How? Let’s take a look…

Regularly adding $100 or more to your monthly payments can cut down your mortgage years significantly.

If your mortgage permits bi-weekly payments, consider making a payment every two weeks, which means you'll be able to make 26 payments each year, way more than the average 12 payments you make through regular monthly payments.

Received a bonus tax, a refund or an inheritance? Put your lump sum to good use by dedicating it toward your mortgage payments.

Consider Refinancing to a shorter term, which will help you save on your interest rates.

Follow any of these proven strategies and save thousands of your dollars!

Check with your lender to know more about your pre-payment terms and penalty charges.

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