Video: What Is MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?

Wednesday Dec 30th, 2020


What do you know about Multiple Listing Service?

The Multiple Listing Service is a database system used by real estate companies in marketing their properties.

This amazing database systems are designed and developed by REALTORS and other real estate technologies for effective real estate transactions.

REALTORs working with buyers are invited to cooperate in the sale in exchange for compensation if they referred a buyer.

Sellers benefit from REALTORs working together to sell their property.

Buyers benefit because they can access information about all MLS-listed properties while working with only one REALTOR.

MLS has become an integral part of modern real-estate sales and transactions, allowing prospective buyers to compare nearly every aspect of the homes they are considering.

MLS information is now readily available on the Internet on local and national real estate websites.

Access to property information is provided free of charge to the public by REALTORs who participate in the MLS.

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