Video: Why is Location Important When Buying a Home?

Friday Feb 12th, 2021


Why is Location Important When Buying a Home?

You’ve probably heard the old real estate saying, “Location, location, location.” 

When you buy a home in a good location, it usually becomes a solid, long term investment. That’s why a home’s location is an important factor to consider.

Here are some good location characteristics to look for:

  • Higher or increasing home values in the neighborhood
  • A good future outlook for the neighborhood
  • Access to schools, transportation, shopping, and Parks
  • Well maintained properties in the neighborhood
  • A high percentage of home ownership
  • A well regarded school district
  • A low crime rate
  • High resale values

If the location you select has most of these characteristics, your investment is more likely to be safe and profitable. 

And when you decide to sell your property, a desirable location will play a big role in the sale… creating a greater demand and helping to sell your home faster and for a higher price.

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