What to Do with Your Basement?

Friday Feb 17th, 2017


What do you imagine when you hear the word "basement"? Usually people imagine a dark place filled with rubbish, cobwebs and dust. The potential of the basement is often underestimated, but what if it was a little bit more of a friendlier place? Is it possible to transform the basement into a real room, but not into a den filled with junk and spiders?

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If you want to renovate your basement the first thing to do is to evaluate the amount of the future work. Think about the way you can get rid of all that trash that you have in the basement. You are lucky if you moved recently and haven't yet had time to fill your basement with junk. Make a plan of the room you want to transform your basement into.

The next important step on the way of improving your basement is to clean it of all the stuff. This is probably the most difficult part because people don't like to throw away so-called “important” things that spend the last 10-15 years dusting in the boxes.

Once the basement is clean, you can begin with repairs. If you do not want to do the repair on your own, you can always hire a contractor. It is essential to make a solid noise and thermal

insulation, paint the walls with light colors and install a good lighting system.

What can be done in the basement after the repair? Here are several ideas about the best use of the basement:

A basement home cinema. Good sound insulation allows you to watch movies at a comfortable sound volume. You can install a projector or a TV, surround sound system and sofa.

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A basement bar. Install a bar counter, a refrigerator and put a pool table to have access to the personal bar.

A basement workshop. Install a workbench and shelves for tools and materials. Remember to wet a ventilation system that can clean the air of your workshop.

A basement showcase room. If you are a collector, the basement can become a place where you can display your collection.

A basement bunker. Cellar bunkers had already become quite unpopular, but if you live in areas where with a high probability of natural disasters, you may need a fortified basement with all the necessary supplies.

A basement game room with game machines or toys for your children. Children or teens will be glad to get an entire room for their games.

A basement gym. Buy some training apparatus and set them in the basement to make your own little gym.

Photo: depositphotos. Poker table Room

A basement poker room. If you like playing poker, set a poker table in your basement, so you can invite your friends for poker nights. You can make another entrance to the basement, to have an easy access to the basement and in order not to disturb the family at night.

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